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Increase Productivity at the Workplace Through Work-Life Balance

Multiple research studies show that balancing personal and work life can lead to increased employee morale, better professional performance, and better overall health. A higher life satisfaction is also associated with maintaining work-life balance. Experts believe that balancing stress requires various activities, but a better balance can be found when employers help facilitate it.

HR Membership

Meet Illinois and federal compliance employment and business laws with confidence. HR decisions involve many complex and often confusing legal requirements. Protect your business and your employees by avoiding costly lawsuits while maintaining a productive workplace.

Equitable Employer

Custom On-Site Training

Do you have several employees, supervisors or managers that need training (minimum of 10 employees)? Have you found it is too costly to send them all to an off-site training session? Can’t afford to have that many employees away from the company at one time?

Workforce Development

COVID-19 Resources Center

On behalf of our members and businesses throughout the state, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to providing information, resources, and updates from federal and state policy stakeholders to help Illinois businesses during the Coronavirus crisis.