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Do you…

Need more flexibility or work that’s on your terms?

Want to generate more income or determine your own pay?

Want to become your own boss, but don’t know where to start?

Already have a business or side hustle in Illinois you want to formalize or grow, but need more resources?

WE Hub provides curated business resources to women entrepreneurs in Illinois

Going out on your own can feel intimidating or like an uphill battle. It may even feel like it isn’t for you.

But you’re here because you know it’s worth it. You’re ready to move forward and achieve your goals. At WE Hub, we provide you with options, resources, and tools that put you on a path to achieving your own vision of success.

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Whether you’re working out your idea, just getting starting or looking for ways to manage your existing business, we have resources for you!

You deserve financial freedom

To get there, you need guidance from someone you can trust. You need a space to connect with people like you who understand the challenges you face when working to grow your business, make it successful, and build that future you’ve dreamed of.

The barriers you’re facing are real. But the opportunity entrepreneurship provides is real, too.


growth in Black and Latina women-owned firms since 2007


of new business opened each day are owned by women of color


of women surveyed add over $500 to their monthly income with side hustles

And while the traditional workplace is not working for so many of us, starting down a new path can be overwhelming. Pair that with the challenge of accessing funding, navigating government processes, and finding mentorship opportunities, and you might not know how to start.

That’s where WE Hub comes in. We’re a site created by women, for women. 

We’ve done the legwork of gathering valuable resources, created by trusted partners in the entrepreneurship space throughout Illinois, into one place to help make the path forward easier.

If you’re here, you already know your skills and passions can become a business that will support you and your family or provide you with that additional income you seek.
WE Hub wants to help you take it to the next level. Here’s how: 

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Be empowered to make decisions that not only will help your business grow, but that will help you build the life you want!

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