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Powered by Women Employed,
Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

We pursue women’s equity in the workforce so they can pursue their dreams

WE Hub is powered by Women Employed (WE), a non-profit organization advancing women’s equity in the workplace since 1973. In the past 50 years, WE have effected policy change, expanded access to educational opportunities, and advocated for fair and inclusive workplaces so that more women, families, and communities can thrive.

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Where We’ve Been:

Our mission is to improve the economic status of women. To do that, we are also working to – remove the barriers that stop women from becoming business owners, as we know entrepreneurship is a viable path for generating increased income and ultimately wealth.

  • WE helped to draft the rules defining sexual harassment as illegal and to pass laws against pregnancy discrimination. 
  • WE won fair pay legislation like the Illinois Equal Pay Act, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and Illinois’ recent No Salary History law. 
  • WE secured tens of millions of dollars in financial aid for low-income students. 
  • WE won minimum wage increases, paid sick time and fair scheduling ordinances, laws to advance racial equity in higher education, and so much more.
  • And so much more

Where We’re Going

Entrepreneurship is economic freedom. For centuries, women have supplemented their income and increased their flexibility by creating small businesses and side hustles—often on a shoestring with little or no support.

We also know that the odds aren’t always in their favor. The lack of resources, information, and capital for women leaves many of us feeling like our goals are impossible to reach.

We are not here to dictate what you should do or how to do it, but to provide you with the tools to achieve your own vision of success.

We empower women entrepreneurs by: 

  • Gathering and curating resources from trusted partners throughout Illinois in one convenient place.
  • Providing a safe and supportive environment for women to connect and share experiences.
  • Raising awareness about opportunities for grants, loans, and other timely capital-raising opportunities.
  • Curating a tool designed with women in mind to make follow through along their entrepreneurial journey easier.

WE Hub aims to ensure that more women, particularly Black and Latinx women, in Illinois have the resources they need to start or grow successful and sustainable businesses.

Thank you to WE Hub’s Powerful Network of Partners

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WE Hub wouldn’t exist without the generous support of our sponsors, and the amazing organizations that work hard to provide women with the services and resources they need to be successful. These organizations have been lifting up women entrepreneurs for years and have greatly contributed to the statewide growth of women-owned businesses. 

We are fortunate to have a wealth of proven, valuable resources to bring together in one centralized, easy-to-navigate hub.