Welcome to the We HUB Community Forum

Starting and building a business is hard work, and no one can do it alone. This forum was created to be a safe space to give and exchange ideas, advice, support and feedback with other women entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to help women entrepreneurs start or grow successful and sustainable businesses. To that end, we will be working to ensure that all parts of WE Hub align with our purpose. Our community guidelines are meant to help WE Hub members understand our expectations for interactions within this forum.

Respect — Be respectful at all times in your language and tone, even if you disagree with what’s been said. Avoid the use of profanity or any attacks on individuals in the form of name-calling or criticisms related to age, race, gender, sexual identity, disability, religion or economic status.

Privacy —People should feel comfortable being vulnerable on this forum. Do not screenshot posts or share any member’s personal information within or outside the forum.

Stay on Topic — Help us keep this forum helpful by only posting relevant content to each forum topic.

Legality — Post only digital assets that belong to you and share information that complies with federal and local laws.

Self Promotion — Do not use this forum to promote your own business or any business you’re affiliated with.

Reporting — If you see a post that goes against these guidelines, be sure to report it for moderator review.