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Workforce Resources

A highly-educated, motivated, and trained workforce across industries is essential to your business’s long-term success. We have researched and collated information on all the workforce development tools that are available to you as you hire, train, and cultivate your employees.

Workforce Development

Opening a Business- Setting up Shop

Launching a successful brick-and-mortar business requires a thorough business plan and a substantial time investment. Throughout the process, different players will use your business plan and supplemental materials to assess your readiness and qualifications.

Getting Started

Opening a Business- Planning Your Opening Strategy

Opening a new business or expanding your current operation can be a daunting task involving multiple organizations and city departments. Developing the right opening strategy for your business can mean the difference between success and failure.

Business Plan

Opening a Business- Obtaining City Approvals

Once you have identified a possible location for your new or expanding business—and before you sign a lease—you will need to understand if your location is zoned properly for your type of business, and what, if any, your build-out and approval requirements may be.

Business Type

Site Selection

Whether you’re looking to expand your operations in Aurora with an additional facility or to establish a new presence in Illinois, Invest Aurora’s team of economic development specialists can get you into the ideal location.

Business Type

Dunham Revolving Loan

Invest Aurora’s John C. Dunham Revolving Loan Fund helps finance Downtown Aurora property improvement projects that are not commercially bankable.

Loans Grants Capital

Finish Line Grant

The Finish Line Grant program is geared towards assisting property owners with rehabilitation and property improvement projects. With the Finish Line Grant, we are not only supporting local commercial and mixed-use property owners, but our goal is to increase the economic viability of downtown Aurora as a whole.

Loans Grants Capital